Three-floor Waterfall is in Dak Nong district

If you’re wondering  what to do in vietnam, and where to start, Dak Nong is a good destination for your starting. People call Ba Tang Waterfall (three-floor Waterfall ) because the water stream must pass three difference floors of waterfall to the underneath spring-bed.

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This three-floor waterfall is located in a sequence length of about 40 meters. The first floor is not so high, water falls from rocks to the fell water at height 1,5m. About 20m from the first floor is the second floor. At this floor, a blue spring makes its way in continuous rocks at height 2m flow to the below dazzling water bubble. The third floor is the biggest and main stream of Ba Tang Waterfall. The main waterfall is higher than 20m, a virtual flow between day and night and fills on both sides of the stream.

Ba Tang Waterfall

With the height of 20m, this waterfall rumbles night and day in the quite landscape of mountain and forest overflow to both sides of springs. Here, the spring is relatively large. There are many three shadows that visitors can rest and observe the fall of water and hear the sound of nature. Look from under we can see water steam prays around as a blanket of fog covering the waterfall making sound eternally in the mountains.

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