Phuoc Nhon Hot Spring

Phuoc Nhon Hot Spring is home to the peaceful and charming natural scenery along with perfect tourist services. It gradually becomes one of the best things to do in danang attracting a large number of domestic and international tourists.

Phuoc Nhon Hot Spring is located in Phuoc Son village, Hoa Khuong commune, Hoa Vang district. About 25km from Da Nang city center to the southwest along Highway 14B, the hot spring retains a construction area of about 24.000m2. In particular, it received great privileges of nature with the hot mineral water resources from the underground which Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment authorized to put into exploration. According to the survey and evaluation of the authorities, among hot springs inVietnam, the mineral water in Phuoc Nhon possesses the high mineral content, which is useful for preventing, treating and rehabilitating the health… It is extremely suitable for the construction of amusement parks and relaxation becoming one of the fascinating tourist attractions in Da Nang.

Entrance to Phuoc Nhon Hot Spring

Entrance to Phuoc Nhon Hot Spring – Source: Image from

Da Nang is the land which the nature has favored most in the Central Vietnam. It is home to the great number of beautiful beaches which is famous not only in the region but also over the world, namely My Khe, Thanh Binh… Ba Na eco-tourism, Suoi Luong eco-tourism along with ancient architectural works or unique bridges are today certainly no stranger to tourists when participating in Da Nang travel. In addition, Da Nang also be given the endless hot spring resource at Phuoc Nhon Hot Spring. The hot water comes up from the underground with the temperature at 50oC. These hot-water springs retain its effect of relaxing the body, recovering the health and take the body back to equilibrium after the fatigue.  Discovering Phuoc Nhon Hot Spring is definitely one of the most unforgettable things to do in Da Nang.

Inside Phuoc Nhon Hot Spring

Inside Phuoc Nhon Hot Spring – Source: Image from

Setting foot on the tourist area, tourists will have a chance to experience the hot and cold mineral mud bathing services. The mineral mud at the resort is exploited from natural deposits of mud with the golden brown and medium viscosity. The kind of mud contains many mineral elements which can cure diseases on skin and osteoarthritis. The mud bath methods can assist to treat skin detoxification, blood circulation and purify the body. Mud bathing will offer tourists the most comfortable feelings when having a chance to immerse in the hot mud tub, chatting with friends and family. It can be said that this is a new health treatments but providing enormous efficiency. Phuoc Nhon Hot Spring deserves one of the most fascinating hot springs in Da Nang.

The hot spring tourist area also retains the hot-water swimming pools equipped with modern hydraulic bathing tubs along with professional massage services and spa. Here, bathing with herbs is much more preferred. Not only owning the effects of hot mineral bathing, the herbs also help to enhance the health from inside in order to give tourists a healthy body. In addition, the tourist area also offers aromatherapy spa and many other health care services which will satisfy all the needs of tourists. The perfect services along with professional staff is one of the most important highlights which have brought the tourist area to become one of the most appealing Da Nang attractions.

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Mud bathtubs at Phuoc Nhon Hot Spring – Source: Image from


Phuoc Nhon Hot Spring also houses the large restaurant designed in accordance with the space and scenery surrounding. It is the rendezvous tourists have an opportunity to enjoy special specialties such as Dong Nghe chicken, Phuoc Nhon spring rolls with fruits, Phuoc Nhon snakehead, Dong Nghe grilled frog or Dong Nghe grilled beef… The tourist area is also appropriate to the campfire with barbecue. Tourists can take the rest in the hut areas to relax during the day. Meanwhile, those who prefer fishing, the tourist area is the ideal venue to satisfy these needs. Tourists once participating Da Nang tours to Phuoc Nhon are surely pleased with the services at the hot spring tourist area.

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Setting foot on Phuoc Nhon Hot Spring, tourists will have a chance to immerse in the peaceful and gentle scenery, a quiet space appropriate after the busy working hours. Phuoc Nhon Hot Spring also offers the great number of services such as physiotherapy massage and rehabilitation, which promisingly better meets the needs of tourists. Thanks to these advantages, Phuoc Nhon Hot Spring is worth to become one of the fascinating tourist sites in Da Nang; simultaneously, it significantly contributes to promote Da Nang tourism closer to tourists at home and internationally.