Long Beach Resort to be one of the most worth-visiting places

If you’re wondering  what to do in vietnam, and where to start, Kien Giang is a good destination for your startingIn addition to well-known resorts such as Flamingo Dai Lai Resort and Cat Ba Beach Resort, you should not miss the opportunity to discover Long Beach Resort in Phu Quoc to enjoy yourself to the utmost and get full relaxation. This is the places to visit in vietnam

An overview of Long Beach Resort

Located on the tip of the Thai Ocean, just around a 50-minute flight from Tan Son Nhat International Airport, Long Beach Resort is an isolated area with tranquil space, optimal privacy in unspoiled surroundings and romantic natural setting.

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Perfect combination of natural landscape

Long Beach is a 4-star resort of international standard with the perfect combination in every detail from the exotic location on the emerald site to the unique architectural style characterized by countryside setting as well as high-quality services.

Outstanding features

Surrounding area

Having a stroll around the resort campus, your heart will definitely be occupied by the charming and calm appearance of this place. You will have a chance to walk in the sophisticated cobblestone streets and enjoy the refreshingly cool atmosphere in the green open space. What’s more, you can have your senses thrilled by all the sights, sounds and tastes of a lovely land covered with colorful flowers and the ecologic aquarium.

Sophisticated cobblestone street

Artistically architectural style

Long Beach Resort is internationally famous for an enticing blend of history, classic and allure. All the rooms are decorated with wooden forms and also suited with the majority of wooden furniture, thereby creating a close feeling to nature and an atmosphere of quiet serenity with northern Vietnamese style. This flawless combination clearly indicates the elegant beauty of an untouched resort, which gives visitors a chance to experience the wonderful feeling of becoming the King and Queen in ancient architectural space.

Amazingly wooden furniture

Long Beach Resort has up to 72 comfortable rooms with rustic interior, providing the warm and intimate atmosphere for visitors. The highlight of the architecture is that most rooms are planned and designed as impressive ground floor bungalows entirely equipped with modern amenities including air-conditioners, smart screen TV, refrigerators, minibars, luxurious bathrooms and available free access to Wifi. Tourists will be captivated by such an attractive interior with almost everything made from precious wood.

Beautiful bungalows

One bonus thing to make Long Beach Resort stand out of the crowd is that most of the hotel rooms have balconies towards the below wild gardens and the vast seas.

What to do in Long Beach Resort?

Tourists to Long Beach Resort should pay a visit to the Vietnamese-style Lang Toi Restaurant, which is located at the center of the serene resort. This restaurant is intentionally designed to serve the pure purpose of creating an open space with the cool breeze blowing in from the sea. Coming to this poetic place, your demand of discovering the rich Vietnamese food with unique and tasteful flavors will be fully satisfied. Therefore, visitors’ expectation will be met as this is what they are seeking for.

Delicious meal with a variety of seafood

There’s nothing quite like grabbing a delicious meal served with scrumptious seafood dishes and witnessing the beautiful harmony of nature with ripples of the giant sea, the whisper of the wind and the interesting sounds of flocks of birds.

There is a very large pool next to the sea where you can relax and have a rest while enjoying the fantastically gorgeous sunset. It’s always a good idea to have cool drink from the bars near the pool and enjoy the peaceful moments in the magical scenery so you will get the feeling of living in the middle of nature. It is much more amazing to immerse yourself in the astonishing landscape surrounded by bright purple sweet when the sun is turning to the night time. As a result, you will feel relaxed and live to the fullest. Surely, Long Beach Resort is an optimum choice to have a perfect holiday.

Long Beach Resort
There is a large pool where you can relax

It cannot be denied that one of the pleasing things catering to the individual preference is that customers visiting the convenient minibar on the beach near the sea will be served with fresh and super Germany-style draught beer, which is produced here with the high quality of beer and safe manufacturing process.