Koi Brings Accumulation Of Sushi To Ha Noi

Koi brings accumulation of sushi to Ha Noi

Sea green: A salad of seaweed and crab caviar is a lovely plate offering during Sushi Koi restaurant.

In further to a far-reaching preference of sushi palm rolls and maki, Sushi Koi also specialises in grilled food served with a side of soya sauce. Minh Thu reports.

“Fish, fish is swimming, mom,” my two-year-old son shouted when we entered Sushi Koi Restaurant.

An synthetic tide heading to a grill houses a hundred koi fish, Japanese brocaded carp, that desirous a restaurant’s name. For my son, what tender him many was not a food though this fish pond.

Located in a little alley, a grill offers diners a still place to suffer Japanese food including sushi, sashimi, tempura, prohibited pot and grills.

Like other Japanese restaurants, Sushi Koi’s owners attaches special significance to sushi. Visitors can fill adult an dull stomach with opposite kinds of sushi done from vinegar rice, seaweed and meat, seafood, vegetables or fish.

The many renouned kind of sushi is maki, that is generally wrapped in nori (seaweed). Maki is customarily cut into 6 or 8 pieces, that constitutes a singular hurl order. The augmenting recognition of sushi around a universe has resulted in variations typically found in Western countries. For example, Sushi Koi serves California hurl (a maki with crab bar, cucumber, avocado and caviar).

Temaki (hand roll) is a vast cone-shaped square of nori on a outward with a mixture spilling out a far-reaching end. As it’s too ungainly to collect adult with chopsticks, we used a fingers. The grill serves temaki with tuna or salmon cut into little cubes, crab caviar and grilled eel inside a seaweed.

Nigiri (hand-pressed sushi) consists of an form pile of sushi rice that a cook presses into a little rectilinear box between a palms of a hands, customarily with a bit of wasabi, and a commanding called neta draped over it. Neta are typically salmon, tuna or other seafood.

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Gunkan is an oval, hand-formed clump of sushi rice that has a frame of nori or a skinny cut of cucumber wrapped around a fringe to form a vessel that is filled with some soft, lax or fine-chopped mixture such as corn with mayonnaise, scallops and caviar.

Fresh catch: Like other Japanese restaurant, Sushi Koi serves many kinds of sushi done from vinegar rice, seaweed and meat, seafood or vegetables.

A set of sushi brew comprising all of this can offer we good during VND400,000 (US$18).

If we go in a organisation of 4 like us, we can sequence a set of grilled food that costs VND350,000 (US$16). One thing that sets Sushi Koi detached from other Japanese restaurants is a grilled food served with considerable soya sauce.

Being grilled on a mill vessel but cooking oil, a food is not too greasy and retains a healthy taste.

The set includes a prohibited pot. We motionless to use half of a salmon’s conduct for a prohibited pot and a other half for a porridge pot, gratifying both adults and children.

Vuong Quynh Anh, owners of a restaurant, pronounced she worked during a Japanese grill when she complicated in Australia. Her passion for Japanese food has blossomed given then.

Cheers: Diners accumulate to suffer a culinary aberration of Sushi Koi Restaurant. VNS Photos Minh Thu

“Koi fish is a pitch of love, clever will and loyalty in Japan, we motionless to use it as a judgment for a restaurant,” pronounced Anh.

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“I wish to make a grill a place to widespread adore and loyalty among people where everybody can share a passion for cuisine and relaxation.”

Steaming soup: One of prohibited pot’s categorical mixture is dashi stock, done from seaweed and sliced fish.

Anh collected souvenirs and paintings from Japan to adorn a grill in a Japanese style.

Nguyen Quang Huy, a customer caller to a restaurant, pronounced he enjoys a good food with reasonable prices.

“I consider a plcae in a little alley helps revoke a cost of a food,” he said.

“From sushi, salad and tempura to grills and prohibited pot, a grill offers a scenery of Japanese cuisine. Every time we come, we leave with a full tummy.” — VNS